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The authority of the government established by this constitution shall extend to all persons, subject matters, and territory now or hereafter coming within the jurisdiction or under the authority of the Samish Indian Nation, except as limited by this constitution or the Laws of the United States.

The Samish Indian Nation is a signatory and successor in interest to the 1855 Treaty of Point Elliott, which reserved rights to the Tribe and its members. It shall be the duty of the government of the Samish Indian Nation to provide for the exercise by tribal members of treaty rights under the Point Elliott Treaty. Such rights shall include but not be limited to tribal hunting and fishing rights, trapping rights, and shall include the right to gather shell-fish, berries, herbs, basketry materials, cedar trees to make ceremonial long houses, canoes, and story poles; access to ceremonial waters, streams, and lakes in usual and accustomed places, and access to family, clan and tribal burial grounds.

The official symbol of the Samish Indian Nation is the Squaneelich, which is an object of cultural patrimony and which belongs to our Nation as a whole. The Squaneelich shall not be used for commercial purposes.