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(1) An annual meeting of the Samish General Council shall be held on the last Sunday of June, at a time and place to be set thirty (30) days in advance by the Tribal Council. In-person voting and a public count of all ballots, including mail-in or absentee ballots, for the Tribal Council shall take place at the annual meeting.

(2) Special meetings of the General Council may be called by the Tribal Council or Tribal Chair upon thirty (30) days notice to the General Council. The Tribal Council may call such meetings on its own motion, but shall be required to set such a meeting within thirty (30) days of receiving a notice from the Samish Election Board of a petition signed by one-quarter (1/4) or more of the General Council.

(3) The agenda for General Council meetings shall be set by the Tribal Council, provided, that any member of the General Council may submit agenda items in writing to the Tribal Council to be added to the agenda. The agenda for any General Council meeting shall include time for discussion of items raised by any General Council member from the floor. General Council meeting agendas shall be sent to tribal members at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the meeting.

(4) The Tribal Council Chair shall preside at all General Council meetings, and may impose time limits on discussion of any item so that the agenda can be completed.

(5) A quorum for any General Council meeting shall be forty (40) members of the General Council.