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(1) Clients whose participation in the program is terminated or otherwise adversely affected by a decision of the Housing Program have the right to have the decision reviewed under the administrative appeals board ordinance. Tribal Housing staff will include in its written decision the provisions of the appeals board ordinance on how to initiate this appeal including information on time to file an appeal and how to file an appeal.

(2) Time to File an Appeal. An appeal of a tribal department’s final decision by a tribal member must be received by the Tribal Offices within 30 days from the date the final decision was issued. No extensions of time for filing an appeal may be granted by the Board or Tribal Council.

(3) How to File an Appeal.

(a) A tribal member shall make an appeal of a final decision in writing.

(b) The written request shall include:

(i) A copy of the final decision.

(ii) Detail the reason(s) the tribal member believes the decision of the tribal department was in error; and

(iii) Include the address and telephone number where the tribal member may be contacted.

(c) The written request must indicate whether the tribal member desires a hearing before the Board. If the tribal member does not request a hearing, the decision of the Board will be based solely on the documents submitted by the tribal member and the tribal department.

(d) The written request for an appeal and a hearing (if requested) shall be mailed or delivered to the Tribal Administrative Offices at P.O. Box 217, Anacortes, Washington 98221 and be labeled “Confidential Administrative Appeal.” It must be received at the Tribal Administrative Office within 30 days of the date of the decision. [Res. 2020-03-019 § 1, 2020.]