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(1) Authorization. The Samish Tribal Constitution permits the reimbursement of expenses for Tribal Council members, in the performance of their duties as Tribal Council members. Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit a Tribal Council member from being employed in any capacity by the Samish Indian Nation or any entity thereof.

(2) Expenses. Tribal Council members will be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the performance of official Tribal Council duties including travel expenses to attend Council meetings. Tribal Council members will be reimbursed for travel expenses associated with conducting business on behalf of the Samish Indian Nation and will be reimbursed in the manner prescribed by Tribal Financial Policy.

(3) Compensation Based on Availability of Funds. The compensation described in this section is subject to the availability of funds to the Tribe.

(4) Tribal Council Budget. The Tribal Council shall, by resolution, adopt a budget for the Tribal Council on an annual basis, designating the source and limits of funds to be spent for Tribal Council members’ compensation and expenses. The budget will include Council member compensation, travel costs, equipment and technology costs. No payments shall be made to Tribal Council members until the budget is approved. [Res. 2021-05-011, 2021.]