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For the purposes of this chapter, unless context requires otherwise:

(1) Articles of incorporation” or “articles” means the original or restated articles of incorporation and all amendments thereto of the corporations organized hereunder.

(2) Business” means any activity, whether temporary, seasonal or otherwise, engaged in by any person or entity with the object of gain, benefit, advantage or other return with economic value. “Business” includes a trade, profession or commercial activity involving the sale of property or services; provided, however, that a sale of property or services that is an isolated transaction, and is intended to be such an isolated transaction, shall not be considered to be “business” under this chapter.

(3) Corporation” means a for profit corporation, except a foreign corporation, subject to the provisions of this chapter.

(4) Finance Department” means and refers to the Finance Department of the Samish Indian Nation.

(5) Shareholder” means one who is a holder of record of shares in a corporation. Shareholders of corporations wholly owned by the Tribe shall mean persons recognized as voting members of the Tribal Council.

(6) Tribal entity” means an arm of the Samish Indian Nation, including Samcor, or another tribal corporation set up to conduct the cultural and/or economic development activities of the Tribe. [Res. 2020-04-005 § 2, 2020.]