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(1) The Tribe maintains an initial trial employment period of 180 days for all new employees and employees who have transferred or been promoted into a new position within the Tribe. During this period, new employees are given the opportunity to demonstrate a satisfactory or higher level of performance and to determine whether the position with the Tribe meets his/her expectations. The Tribe uses this period to evaluate individual capacities, work habits, compliance with applicable policies and procedures and overall performance. A trial employee may be terminated at any time during the trial employment period.

(2) An employee in the trial employment period may be reviewed, evaluated, or terminated on the thirtieth and sixtieth day or more frequently at the discretion of his or her supervisor. An employee completing the trial employment period will be evaluated at the end of the trial period of employment pursuant to Chapter 5-07 STP. [Res. 2022-10-016 § 1, 2022. Formerly 5-03-020.]