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(1) Generally.

(a) An employee’s job assignment may change due to position reclassification, temporary transfers, or selection through the hiring process for another position within Tribal Administration.

(b) When an employee is assigned to a new Tribal level, his or her anniversary date of employment will change in regard to performance evaluation only.

(2) Position Reclassification. Additional job duties may be assigned to a position if the position is within the department to which the responsibility would logically fall. An employee may request that his or her position description be updated and reevaluated due to a permanent change in job duties and responsibilities that have occurred over a period of time. All revisions to a position description must be submitted by the Senior Human Resources Officer to the Tribal Council for review and final approval.

(3) Temporary Transfer. An employee who is temporarily (less than six months) assigned to a different position will receive his or her current salary/wage if the temporary position is paid at a lower rate. If the position is paid at a higher rate and the employee can perform all of the duties in the job description, the employee will be paid at a level not to exceed one step above their current salary in the higher rate assigned to the temporary position.

(4) Permanent Transfer. If an employee is selected for another position within Tribal Administration, the employee will be paid the salary established for the position in the position description, not to exceed one step above their current salary. All employees hired in a new position will serve a trial employment period as set forth in STP 5-03-019 for that position. [Res. 2022-10-016 § 1, 2022.]