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(1) Tribal Government is concerned about any problems that reduce the employee’s productivity. Therefore, when an employee encounters a problem that impairs the employee’s work performance, attendance, conduct, or reliability, it will be the supervisor’s responsibility to take appropriate action to address the problem. The supervisor should take the following steps:

(a) Document all instances where an employee’s work performance or attendance fails to meet standards, or where performance appears to be deteriorating.

(b) Conduct corrective interviews with the employee when performance falls below standards and document the interview. Provide the employee a copy of the interview summary, and obtain the employee’s signature to acknowledge receipt.

(c) Encourage the employee to address problem area(s) and notify the employee of the assistance available through the Employee Assistance Program.

(2) The supervisor will develop a work plan that identifies the areas that need improvement, and the time frame in which such improvement is to take place. The supervisor will document the referral and/or work plan and submit the documentation to the Human Resources Department.

(3) The employee is responsible to correct unsatisfactory job performance.

(4) Employee’s participation in the Employee Assistance Program is voluntary. An employee who requires treatment for substance abuse, mental health or other health issues will be referred to outside evaluator for evaluation and treatment recommendations. An employee who has requested assistance shall not be subject to disciplinary action for requesting assistance and will be provided reasonable assistance to obtain such treatment. The Senior Human Resources Officer will meet with the employee to develop a written agreement outlining the steps for the employee to obtain treatment within 10 business days. An employee may be subject to the disciplinary actions outlined in the manual if within a reasonable time after a referral is made the employee’s performance does not improve, and/or they do not meet the objectives outlined in their work plan.

(5) Employees will be permitted a reasonable amount of leave (annual, sick, or leave without pay) to participate in the Employee Assistance Program. All leave requests must follow the guidelines set forth in this manual.

(6) Employees are responsible to contact Human Resources to determine the level of services provided under the Employee Assistance Program. Employees should contact their health care insurance provider, Contract Health Services, or Indian Health Services (if applicable) to see if additional services/treatment could be covered under their health plans. [Res. 2022-10-016 § 1, 2022.]