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(1) A grievance is a dispute between two or more employees.

(2) All work-related grievances, which occur between employees, shall be resolved by following the procedures as outlined in the following sections. A formal grievance is the only process available for the formal resolution of employment-related disputes between Tribal employees. This grievance policy may not be used to resolve disciplinary actions and an employee may not use this policy to resolve a disciplinary action.

(3) It is the policy of the Samish Indian Nation that job-related difficulties be resolved informally whenever possible. However, when informal methods have failed to achieve a satisfactory resolution, or the employee chooses not to utilize the informal resolution process, an aggrieved employee shall follow the formal grievance procedures.

(4) The grievance procedures outlined in this chapter do not apply to personnel action decisions of the Tribe. Any and all disputes regarding a personnel action decision must follow the procedures for formal grievances. Personnel actions cannot be challenged under the grievance procedure. [Res. 2022-10-016 § 1, 2022.]